Face Yoga

We are all aware of how exercising can improve the shape and tone of your body, but what about your face?

Danielle Collins, yoga expert, spent years studying the face, and applied her knowledge of yoga and anatomy to create ‘Face Yoga!’

I went along for a taster session with the Guru herself……

We started out sitting face to face, and I told her about my ‘problem’ areas – mainly frown lines and a softening jaw line. Danielle said these were both easy areas to target and we so we got down to some face yoga! It was a little like gurning at each other, which did make me giggle, but I was surprised by how quickly I felt the burn in the targeted muscles – just like the last rep of a resistance exercise. The resistance in face yoga is created by using your fingers to gently ‘pull’ a muscle whilst working against the pull.

Danielle herself looks amazing with a very open and taut face, and she really knows what she is talking about. I went away feeling really refreshed, with my cd and poster to practice at home, and I look forward to my very own knife-free face lift!

For more details or to buy the Face Yoga kit, go to www.faceyogatraining.com